Pre-Race day

Hi friends!

So my flight went very smoothly, really comfortable seats with so much legroom. That’s a blessing for someone like me with very long legs. It took a while to get out of the airport, well you know getting through costums and making sure you get your bag and than the whole group needs to be gathered. I think it took like an hour until we were on the way to our hotel.

The best thing to get rid of jet lag is to keep going. Early next morning I went on a bus tour to Washington DC to get to know some history of this huge country. I kind of love capitals, there is just a special feeling I get when I visit these cities. Can’t really explain why, maybe it’s just that there is where the foundation is.

My heart gets happy when I hear people talking about how much Jesus is longing for us and how much He loves us. I mean come on, it’s true. He does 🙏❤️

Some of the historic places in DC are these, Capital, the White House and the Mall. You know in school, history was a subject I did not like but now I love it, maybe it’s because I see how it all fits. To all teachers, make history fun in school.

Arlington cementary, so many souls to remember and be thankful for that they payed the price. The price of freedom. It makes me remember those I have in my life that set examples for me and that inspire me to be the best version of me. Thankful for all of you my beautiful friends. Who do you have in your life that gets to inspire you? Who do you get to inspire?

This photo sure does inspire me. It’s starting to sink in now that tomorrow I will run my first marathon. Yes, me, the girl that five years ago didn’t like to exercise but liked all kinds of sweets way to much. Thank you to all of my inspirers during the years that have seen me and pushed my limits to now stand before 42 kilometers. It will sure move me. More about that journey later. Everything is set for my race. I’m ready. Now let’s just do it. Come on!

A good nights sleep is awaiting. Whatever is awaiting you I would like to remind you of how amazingly loved and amazing you are. Don’t you forget it.

Hugs and blessings,

Sara 🙏❤️

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Publicerad av: eatprayworkout78

Hej! Sara heter jag och är en galet sprallig pigg tjej som älskar livet. Min största passion är Jesus och min näst största är löpning. Min blogg kommer ha fokus på att ande, kropp och själ ska må bra! Jag kommer att dela från mitt liv, vad Gud gör, vad Han vill göra och hur mycket Han älskar oss! 🙏 En bonus kommer även att vara olika träningsinslag 😅🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏊‍♀️ Kom och följ mig så kommer det mer eller maila mig gärna eller skriv en kommentar om det är något du funderar över. Bless 😘

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