Hello friends!

Wow, such a beautiful weekend this has been in so many ways. Let me tell you why. 😉

I celebrated my 40th birthday this weekend, me 40? I don’t feel like more than 25. If you know me, you know that I like to think, you know like review my days, my years. Kind of to see what I need to change and maybe do over, and do better. As I reviewed my year this weekend I got reminded of friendship. Wow, friendships, such a beautiful and wonderful thing.

So this past four days I have had the honor and privilege of having a dear friend of mine from Kosova stay with me. You know I love how we get to inspire each other in being the best version of ourselfs. Thank you Leo for being part of my life and that we got to share life for a few days. Until next time…💞

You know friendship really is Gods special gift to us. Weather we have known someone our entire life, or a few years, maybe someone you have just known for a few month or just days. Someone you may spend everyday together with and some you may just see once a year. All is just so amazing. Friendship starts with this little seed that you are given. Then it’s up to you what you do with it. You need to water it and take care of it to make it grow.

Being silly together is just one of all the perks of friendship. Laughing and crying together. Supporting one another even if you don’t always understand. Sharing life as you know it and respecting each other’s differences. I mean just keeping your love on, loving like Jesus did or at least have that focus. Wow, friendship, ain’t it just amazingly beautiful ❤️

Being seen and seeing others, wow that’s friendship. And you know, there is always time for selfies when you are with friends 😜

Friends that challenges you to step out of you comfortzone and being who you were created to be, wow I am so thankful for that. These two amazing women are two of my friends that inspires me in so many ways. They help me to get focused. Seeing the beauty of life even when the world tells us how ugly it is. Sharing life with friends like this, I wish you all are doing that. Who do you have in your life that inspires you? Who do you get to inspire?

One of the down parts of having friends here and there are having to say goodbye at some point. But thankfully a goodbye for now means just until next time our path gets together. The key is just what I do with the seed for the while we are apart. Here is a little tips from me. Praying and interceding for your friends are one great way of keeping the seed in growth. You know, sometimes God even gives you pointers on how you could pray for your certain friends. Try it, you will see it will be so awesome.

So my friends until next time I see you, you are in my prayers. Some I do pray more for and some I are just mentioned. Whoever you are I would just like to remind you how amazingly beautiful you are. Have a incredibly blessed day and don’t forget how loved you are!

Love, Sara 🙏❤️

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Hej! Sara heter jag och är en galet sprallig pigg tjej som älskar livet. Min största passion är Jesus och min näst största är löpning. Min blogg kommer ha fokus på att ande, kropp och själ ska må bra! Jag kommer att dela från mitt liv, vad Gud gör, vad Han vill göra och hur mycket Han älskar oss! 🙏 En bonus kommer även att vara olika träningsinslag 😅🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏊‍♀️ Kom och följ mig så kommer det mer eller maila mig gärna eller skriv en kommentar om det är något du funderar över. Bless 😘

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