Hello friends!

It all started one Saturday in June. We were getting ready for yet another adventure together with God and amazingly wonderful friends. So where was this adventure going to happen you might wonder. If you keep on reading you will find out and also see how God, through our friends, blessed us in so many ways. So keep on reading….

The way your perspective change when you see things from the air. The ways your perspective change when you meet people who are so in love with God and how He is working in you nation, a nation that 10 years ago got their independence, a nation where if you say you are a Christian you might get in trouble but you still stand firm in your faith. Yes, this nation is Kosova, a nation where I have friends who has become a big part of my life and who inspires me so much in so many ways.

Yes, I did start my first day in Prishtina with a nice run through the neighborhood. Running is a big part of my life and a way to just get focused. Love it. Here I am running on mother Theresa boulevard.

Great friends are really God special gift to us. Here we are having fun, exploring and being crazy taking a bunch of selfies as we get to know some history of this beautiful country.

For every season in life, God will both close and open doors in His right timing. What we need to do is be aware of when He speaks into our life, when He says go or when He says stay. Are you aware of His guidance?

To see the beauty of this world we often need to stop and get really close. Love those moments when I get reminded of all the beauty I have around me.

The beauty of friendship is sharing life. With ups and downs, sorrow and joy, strength and being week, and lots of yummie food. So thankful for every moment.

Celebration of people going before us, people laying a foundation to stand strong for many generations to come. Celebrating through the storms, through the valleys and on top of the mountains. Fully trusting in our God who is such a good and merciful God. Here’s to 33 more years…

Friends walking through the streets of Prishtina together. 🙏❤️

Memories through the years. ❤️

To meet people like this, wow such beauty and amazingness. The way you bless me it’s beyond words.

Sometime, in life, you just need to stop and smell the roses. To appreciate the beauty of that sticky bush. Wow, amazed of what life can give when I stop to rest and notice it.

Praise and give glory to God! No, God doesn’t want bad things to happen. Does it happen anyway? Yes. How I choose to respond to life’s circumstances is so important. Do I choose bitterness or do I choose thankfulness? Being thankful will always change me, and the atmosphere. Is it always easy? No, but having God in my life and seeing His goodness and knowing how much He loves and just want to be with me that is what makes me choosing to be thankful in every circumstance. Thankfulness is rooted so deeply in my identity as His beloved daughter. You know what? That’s what He wants for you too, you knowing that you are so amazingly loved for who you are.

I could share so much more about this adventure and all the amazing friends I have come to know, and I will keep on doing that, but for now I will end with this picture. Saying goodbye until next time and thank you for the blessings that’s been poured over us this week.

Sometimes you don’t even have words for how greatful you are for having such beautiful friendships around the world, and in this case the beauty from the people of Kosova. Wow, how you inspire me to be the best version of me!

My adventure continues daily and until next time, love and hugs from me!

Love, Sara ❤️👊🇽🇰🇸🇪

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Hej! Sara heter jag och är en galet sprallig pigg tjej som älskar livet. Min största passion är Jesus och min näst största är löpning. Min blogg kommer ha fokus på att ande, kropp och själ ska må bra! Jag kommer att dela från mitt liv, vad Gud gör, vad Han vill göra och hur mycket Han älskar oss! 🙏 En bonus kommer även att vara olika träningsinslag 😅🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏊‍♀️ Kom och följ mig så kommer det mer eller maila mig gärna eller skriv en kommentar om det är något du funderar över. sara.koitrand@gmail.com Bless 😘

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