To be known

Good morning y’all!

Got inspired to write this post in english, it must be the airport environment 😉 I just got through security and relaxing with my morning coffee just people watching, one of my favorite things to do. I like to catch people’s attention as they pass me while heading to their flight. Some people are nervously trying to avoid me looking and some even give me a smile and say hi. Or like yesterday when I was heading home on the bus, somehow I caught this lady’s attention and we ended up having a really nice conversation right there on the bus, both kind of tired after a long day but we noticed each other and all we did was start with one ”hello”.

The thing I think many people yearn for is to be known. To be commended and encouraged right where they are. Right smack dab in the middle of what they are doing in life. To be noticed by someone else in a way they feel appreciated. Feeling appreciated is so underrated. I think telling strangers and people you don’t normally hang out with how much you value them is a big deal. Some may ask how a one second comment to someone in passing can make someone feel appreciated? And my response to that question is: I know it does because I’ve personally experienced it. So let’s just start encouraging one another more and step out of our own comfort zone and be who you were created to be and let others know how amazing they are too.

This is a photo that’s part of my morning moment. Who can you stop and notice today? Who can you say something encouraging to? Take the chance when it appears, cause it will it’s just a matter of us being willling to grab the opportunity!

Wishing you a incredibly blessed day and don’t forget how amazingly loved you are, for who you are!

Love and blessings 💞😘👊

Publicerad av: eatprayworkout78

Hej! Sara heter jag och är en galet sprallig pigg tjej som älskar livet. Min största passion är Jesus och min näst största är löpning. Min blogg kommer ha fokus på att ande, kropp och själ ska må bra! Jag kommer att dela från mitt liv, vad Gud gör, vad Han vill göra och hur mycket Han älskar oss! 🙏 En bonus kommer även att vara olika träningsinslag 😅🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏊‍♀️ Kom och följ mig så kommer det mer eller maila mig gärna eller skriv en kommentar om det är något du funderar över. Bless 😘

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